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Work Packages 

The project's work is structured into five work packages (WPs).

WP1-Project Energy/Carbon-based manufacturing modelling: The objectives of the WP-1 are to model selected typical manufacturing processes for energy consumption and to support eco-design and sustainable manufacturing services. The WP1 is led by Coventry University.

WP2- Cloud-based service and platform development : This WP is aimed at developing cloud-based service and platform support eco-design and sustainable manufacturing. The WP-2 is led by Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

WP3-Use cases,best practices and demonstration: The main objectives of the WP-3 include deploying Cloud services and platform in industry and verification, demonstration and improvement of the services and platform. The WP-3 is led by Coventry University assisted by Formtec and CIM.

WP4-Project result dissemination and exploitation: To disseminate key learning and results is considered as the main objective in the WP-4 and this work package is led by NIFES.

WP5-Project management: The main purpose of this work package is to manage the whole project. This work package will be led by Coventry University.