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Project kick-off meeting


On 13th and 14th January 2014, the project kick-off meeting was held at Coventry University. Delegates from eight partners of the project consortium attended the two day meeting.

On Day One, the project officer Mr Janos Hedberg from the European Commission was invited to introduce the general rules of Framework 7 Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnership and Pathway (IAPP) through teleconference. After the self-introduction presentation of partners, financial and legal officers from Coventry University introduced the project finance and legal management.

On Day Two, the project coordinator from Coventry University introduced the project management and technical details. Some follow-up actions for the project were discussed with delegates.

The project consortium agreed to organize regular teleconferences to detail the secondment and technical development plans after this kick-off meeting.

Sub-group Teleconference Meetings

Three working sub-groups of the project have been formed, i.e., Group One - Enabling technology and Cloud development, mainly involving Coventry, KTH and FormTec; Group Two - Best practices and case study development, mainly involving NIFES, Focal, CIM, KTH, HIS and Coventry (to coordinate); Group Three - Eco-design, mainly involving Coventry University, Swegon, CIM, KTH/HIS (to coordinate).

Regular meetings for the three groups were held. Secondment and project execution plans were detailed during the meetings.

Smarter UK Workshop (October 2014, UK)

Smarter UK Workshop.png

On 8th October 2014, a project dissemination workshop was organized at Coventry University. Together with Smarter, five EC sponsored advanced manufacturing projects were introduced. Around 30 industrial and academic delegates from UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Germany attended the workshop. Project results were updated, followed by an open discussion on future trends of sustainable manufacturing in UK and EU.

Project Board Meeting (October 2014, UK)

Project Board Meeting.png

A Smarter project meeting was organised at Coventry University on 9th October 2014. The project progress from each partner was presented. Project management issues and future plans were raised and discussed.

Coordination Meetings with Partners (2014-2015)

October 2014 (Skovde, Sweden)



May 2014 (Swegon, Sweden)



June 2015 (Germany)


Technical Integration Meetings (2014 – 2015)

There are meetings frequently between partners for technical integration

Technical Integration Meetings.png

SMARTER Spain Workshop (May 2016 SPAIN)

 On 5th May 2016, a project dissemination workshop was organized at CIM, Spain. Around 25 industrial and academic delegates from Spain, UK, Italy, Sweden and Germany attended the workshop.

System Validation at PowerKut, UK (2017)

A CAPP optimisation system based on the inline energy consumption data captured from wireless sensor network was deployed at the shopfloor of a manufacturing SME - PowerKut for system validation.


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