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SMARTER (EU FP7 Funded) 

The SMARTER Consortium is comprised of 8 partners (3 research universities, 1 research center, 1 multinational manufacturing company, 1 large energy/carbon technical consultancy company, and 2 SME companies) from 4 European countries (UK, Sweden, Germany and Spain). The complementary expertise of the academic and industrial European partners in the project are aimed at establishing effective industry-academia partnerships and pathways for sustainable manufacturing management by developing, and demonstrating intelligent Cloud-based services to address dynamics and complexity in product development and manufacturing.


Dynamic Manufacturing monitoring service - An in-process monitoring service, based on Wireless Sensor Networks, deployed in manufacturing shop floors to measure, collect and communicate in-process energy consumption data to support sustainable manufacturing processes.

Efficient Eco-Design Evaluation - A knowledge-based simulation service to efficiently support manufacturability evaluation in design.

Adaptive Manufacturing planning service - An adaptive manufacturing service to model, plan and optimize the energy consumption in the system level for companies to understand energy patterns during manufacturing planning

Sustainable social network service –The service to support project teams and their partners to stimulate communication and visualization of customized energy related information and knowledge.

Cloud Manufacturing platform - To provide cost-effective solution for companies as a flexible and affordable solution.